True Professionals


5WAYS TRANSFORMATION GYM is a premium personal training and group fitness gym for busy professionals to pursue their fitness goals. Training at our private facility will provide members with the opportunity to train like elite athletes and develop the mindset of an athlete

With Stephen Emelieze as the owners, personal trainer and equipped with the knowledge to transform the lifestyle of our member. 5WAYS TRANSFORMATION GYM will be led by uniquely talented, passionate, highly skilled and experienced coaches who are committed and dedicated on delivering results through effective training and educating our member. Their long, successful track records will attract and retain individuals who need help to reach their goals. 

Mission Statement 

Our aim is to bring out the athlete in any individual that step into the facility and to create a highlevel strength & fitness transformation gym, where the knowledge of highly qualified coaches delivering exceptional training in a facility that is suitable for both the general public and elite athletes. From the total beginner to the elite athlete we want to transform the way people train so they can get the results they desire. harm with a training methodology that has being used by 

anyone who is serious about their health, fitness and sport. Every coach at the facility will be level 4 qualified, so all our members know they are getting the best 

quality knowledge, coaching and care

It is not just another commercial gym or facility; we aim to change the way people 

train and where they can train using the knowledge of elite sports to create bespoke training systems using tested methodologies that are accessible and 

affordable to all. At the facility every member will gets a training programme designed by expert coaches personalised to their goals, built on a Training app